Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15 - 20 lbs off.

I'm officially 20lbs lighter than I was 6 weeks ago and no worse for the wear. I had to weigh myself twice this morning, but it's true - 213.2 lbs.

What's with the bear? If you remember an earlier post, when I was on Nutrisystem, they would reward you with a colorful stuffed bear each time you dropped 10 lbs. I never lost enough weight on Nutrisystem to earn my purple bear. I spent over $1200 on Nutrisystem and never lost more than 15 lbs. So, to recognize my achievement, I'm posting my purple bear here.

Our culture is funny. When preparing dinner last night, I could hear 'everybody' saying, "That's not enough food. You should really be eating a lot more. Here, have some mashed potatoes." But I decided to instead just eat what I thought would satisfy the hunger knowing I could get more if I wanted it. After eating what I prepared, I was satisfied.

Push ups - knocked off 60 yesterday. Not great, but a start.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee and Flax Oil. Kept putting off breakfast for work and missed it.

Lunch - 1/2 of a quesadilla (I learned my lesson.) Spinach salad.

Dinner - Not even going to pretend that this was to be pretty. That's a 2-egg, black bean and cheese omelet - sort of. I just wanted protein. Also, yogurt, fiber cereal, blueberries.

Snack - Peanut butter cookie. I had friends stop by. Whipped up a batch. Had one. Sent the rest home with them.

It looks like I'm eating less today, but I've actually just grouped a few pics together.


b-rad S said...


You are so right, its amazing how weird people are... its like they are guilty and annoyed that you have the audacity to eat normal while THEY OVER EAT.
We were at Applebee's and I was going to reward myself with the three cheese chicken penne pasta dish, and I noticed they had a "right sized" protion... it was about 1/3 the size of the normal one...
It was the perfect size. I was being bad by eating a fatty carb dinner, but at a small portion, I didn't feel so bad, I had a side salad to start with balsamic dressing. It was a filling meal.

My server ARGUED wtih me, "oh that's a kid size" I said, well I know what I want and need, and its the smaller size...

Now I remember being a server, and I don't remember argueing with the customer... are they not always right?!
What gives!

Keep up the great work!

Nick said...

I've long said that there needs to be a restaurant chain that offered "perfect sized portions" - 500-600 calorie meals that are healthy and tasty. If you ate there 3x a day, you'd certainly lose weight. Get a couple of testimonies along that line and the place would be a success.