Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20 - I'm Ready for Change

Today is a historic day. I'm so ready for change. Things have been so stagnant for what seems like forever. Somehow, for better or worse, I know that the course of today's actions will warrant a new beginning and affect my behaviours for the near future.

I am talking about my weight, of course. I've been at 211.8 for three whole days. I'm so ready to see that blasted number change from my scale.

Our soon-to-be new president has asked each American to step up the to plate, be the best he can be, and take personal responsibility for our current state of affairs. I'm right there with him. I'm taking total responsibility for the garbage I've been feeding myself.

Here's to a new tomorrow.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax Oil Gel Tab. Yogurt/blueberries/Fiber One Cereal

Lunch - Rushed out, grabbed a Burger King salad with fried chicken. Yuck. My stomach turned for 6 hours afterward.

Dinner - bread. 1/2 of this bowl of wedding soup. 1 piece of pizza.

Late snack - 1/3 cup of cheddar melted in a tortilla.

Yes, it was a bit of a 'poor choice' day. Decide to shock my system and then bring it back to good eating.


Megan said...

Hear hear!

b-rad S said...

I am too. We (as a country) have our heads in the sand. We don't realize how bad we are to ourselves. We eat like there is no tomorrow. foods that are over processed and bad for us. We eat A LOT of this bad food.

We don't exercise. Yet there is always some outside force to blame.

The economy sucks, yet no one will fess up to there own over spending and undersaving. YES the GOVERNMENT SCREWEd UP (an understatemnt of a lifetime) but so did a lot of us.

Its the need for instant gratification. We want it in the things around us, our cloths, and the food we eat. NOW NOW NOW. there is always a cost for things.

Bad/gross/too much food = bad gross overweight people

Mass consumption/over buying too much house for your budget/big flashy cars = Hot tranny mess of an economy...

All of our habits really are the same habit manifested into different parts of our lives.

I'm ready for change!