Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5 - TMI

Fiber One cereal. It works like you'd expect.

Breakfast - 3 cups of coffee. Homemade yogurt & 1/4 cup Fiber One cereal.

Lunch - Another cup of yogurt & Fiber one cereal (yes, I'm addicted). Banana.

Snack -100 cal pack caramel rice cakes

Dinner - small salad. Pasta with homemade tomato/onion/garlic sauce. YUM. 3 choco-mint ice cream bon bons for dessert (60 cal each)

Interesting to note that when I was making the pasta, I looked at the back of the pack to see that a serving was 3/4 (dry) cup for 1 person. I thought, "That's WAY too little!" so I doubled the amount of pasta. Cooked it up, and sure enough, when I put it in my bowl, I only wanted 1/2 of it. So now we know, 3/4 dry pasta is a serving. Maybe me eating those 2-3 cups of pasta were too much for me in the past? :)

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