Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14 - Grrr. Technology

My AirMe app on my iPhone stopped sending images to my Flickr account. I might have to find another way to transfer pictures from my phone today. Grr.

Update: It's working again.

I knew I shouldn't have had those pita chips last night. Evil. Gain 1/2 lb.

Breakfast: Blueberry yogurt (store bought), cereal & blueberries. 2 cups of coffee & Flax Oil

Lunch: Homemade quicksauce (tomatoes, onion, garlic) over 3/4 cup pasta. (a little too much food this time.)

Dinner - small sweet potato. Yogurt, cereal and blueberries. (No, I'm not really hungry and I didn't want to cook.)

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