Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18 - GAH! More Snow!

You probably noticed how little I ate yesterday. Don't worry. I'm not on some kind of Olsen Twin Starvation diet. I got to spend the day mostly by myself and I just paid attention to what my body wanted. It's easy to see how animals can hibernate all winter; I barely moved from the couch yesterday and only ate when I was really hungry.

Meanwhile, I've charted my weight loss from the beginning of this project in Excel. The two charts below represent my weight loss from Dec 1, 2008, and the 2nd chart is this past week's progress.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax Oil Gel Tab. 1/2 cup yogurt. 1/3 cup Fiber One Cereal. 1/4 cup blueberries. (Note: expect to see Fiber One Cereal on my list for a long time. The grocery store had it on sale for $2.50 a box. I bought four more boxes.)

Lunch - Spinach Salad w/cranberries, cheese, blue cheese, vidalia onion dressing

Dinner - Pasta w/quick sauce (tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil). I actually measured a proper serving of the pasta (3/4 cup dry) and was surprised that it was enough to fill me up.

Late Snack - Was craving something sweet around 10:30pm. This handful of blueberries did the trick.

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