Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2 - Back to Work

While most co-workers will be off today, I'll be at work. I don't mind. I can actually get a few things done and it's easier to control what I eat at work.

Update 12:15pm - it was lunchtime and I spent it running to Sam's club. I considered eating a few of the pizza bites I bought for tonight's party, heating them up when I returned to the office. When I got in the car, NPR had a segment about vegetarians and the lack of fruit/veggies we Americans are missing from our diets. I stopped at a grocery, bought a bunch of bananas and a yogurt. I felt like I could eat the entire bunch, but instead just ate 2 of them slowly. Perfect. Add the yogurt, and I'm now full.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax Oil tab. Yogurt & 1/2 cup of cereal.

Lunch - 2 bananas & a low fat yogurt.

Snack - 100 cal pack of caramel rice cakes

Dinner - When I got home, I had the leftover chicken cannoli from New Year's even. Party food. Ugh. High calorie cheeses, crackers, mozzarella bites, bacon wrapped shrimp. And some highly salted wedding soup.

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