Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22 - Ugh. The Chicken's Last Revenge

Two days ago I made the mistake of grabbing a Burger King salad with fried chicken. I've had dozens of these things in the past without issue. However, this salad has become the reason I will never eat at another fast food joint.

Maybe after a 6 week detox my body is a little more sensitive. This salad ripped up my insides like never before. And now, without being too graphic, it doesn't want to leave my body. I thought for sure with the extra grease it would make things as slippery as the coastline after the Exxon Valdiz spill, but no such luck. If this doesn't remedy itself today, I'm calling for professional help.

On a gentler note, I made a fresh batch of yogurt last night. I'm concerned that I might have scalded the milk which might affect the taste. I'll give a report tomorrow. Oh, and I've now moved from whole milk to 2%.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax Oil. Yogurt/Blueberries/Fiber One

Snack - 100 cal pack caramel rice cakes

Lunch - Spinach salad/cheese/cranberries

Snack - small handful of 'runts' candy

Dinner - 3/4 cup black beans and cheese

Later - Vodka/cranberry

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