Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec 31, 2008 - The Month in Review

Despite the holidays and the eating that goes along with it, I still dropped 12 lbs in my first month on SnapItFatty. I'm pretty proud of that. 2009 should bring some terrific changes. At 4lbs a month, I'll lose 48 lbs. That means that if all goes as planned I'll be weighing a svelt 173. My goal was 180.

According to this site, my ideal weight is 195 based on current research. According to this site, I should be somewhere between 147 (ha!) and 183 lbs.

Thanks to everyone who gave me support the last 4 weeks. I'm excited to see what happens in 09!

Breakfast - 3 cups of coffee. Flax Oil Geltab. Yogurt. 1/3 cup Smart Start cereal. Piece of toast with a wedge of soft cheese.

Lunch - Little bowl of cold leftover pasta & 10 pieces of dehydrated strawberries.

Dinner - at our usual haunt on New Year's eve, Macaroni Grill. Silly, I know, but it's become tradition. Wine, hunk of bread, a tomato soup that was so filling. Ate 2 of the 3 chicken manacotti.

Movie afterward was the wonderful "Benjamin Button".

Last food of 2008 - the dessert I didn't eat at dinner. A piece of light lemon cake with a bit of caramel sauce. The perfect way to end the year. Last meal: 11:10pm

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