Friday, December 19, 2008

Dec 19, 2009 - The Power of Weighing In

Friends who have seen this site have commented that they can't believe that I weigh myself daily. "Why not weekly?", they ask. "Why torture yourself like that?"

I weigh myself daily because it keeps me focused. If I waited until the end of the week, it wouldn't be able to gauge how I was progressing. I wouldn't be able to fine tune the process. If jumping on your scale once a week works for you -- and you're getting the results you desire -- go for it. Do what works for you.

For me, the scale is just a tool to measure if my methods are working.

Today is another holiday party at work. A full luncheon at the Wyndham Hotel. I'm sure it'll be lovely. The hotel is very nice and the meals I've had there are very good. I'm bringing my own Rubbermaid knowing most of the meal is going directly home.

9pm Update - Today was a bitch. Not because I was tempted by food - but rather the LACK of being able to find it! We started the day at 10am with a work meeting. Holidays. Friday. I assume there's going to be bagels, so I purposely didn't have my yogurt/cereal combo this morning. I stopped at the market and bought some dried fruit for mom for Christmas and I picked up an extra few pounds of it for work. Good thing - there was no flippin' food at this meeting! I didn't want to eat too much of the dried fruit because of the high sugar content, but knowing that we weren't going to the holiday party til 130pm, I had a few pieces. Then a couple more. Then 1 more.

We headed to the holiday party and arrived at 130pm (I normally eat lunch around 1130am so I was famished.) Finally - Food! Or so I thought. We weren't served lunch until 2:30pm! ARGH!

Despite being ravenous enough to eat everything on everyone's plate, I cut my portion in 1/2, boxed 1/2 of it and slowly ate my lunch.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax Oil geltab. Dried fruit (strawberries, orange peel, kiwi, pineapple)

Lunch - 2 sips of wine. Salad. 1/2 of the chicken cordon bleu and potatoes. A tiny forkful taste of the cheesecake (which I then gave away to a co-worker.)

Dinner - I wasn't hungry until 8:30pm. 1/2 a sweet potato took the edge off of my hunger.

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