Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec 17, 2008 - I'm going down, down, down...

How odd is it to actually look forward to jumping on the scale first thing in the morning?

How wonderful is it to touch your toes without effort again?

How nice is it to pass on the Christmas cookies and not feel like you're depriving yourself?

Nothing tastes as good as having a better /thinner / healthier body.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee and Flax Oil Tab. Cup yogurt and 1/3 cup cereal.

Lunch - Last night's leftover salad and the other dinner roll. Yes, the salad was less than lovely, swimming in its mystery dressing. The lettuce was wilted, probably from sitting in the freezing car last night for a couple of hours while Mom & I went to the movies.

Snack - Caramel Rice Cakes (100 Cal pack) at 2:15pm

Post Work Snack - Mini Cookie.

Dinner - None. That cookie held me over while I worked with clients. Now it's 11pm and time for bed.

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