Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec 23, 2008 - oops.

I let myself slide yesterday. Eating almost the entire salad wrap at work, the potato chips, the cookie at home and then that rich soup and capping it with the sugary applesauce messed with the scale this morn. Up 3 lbs. Yes, I know it's temporary. I'm not freaking out. I need to get on track. Of course, Russ wants to take me out tonight to a nice restaurant for Christmas, but I need to stick to the "fist sized portion" rule.

Breakfast - Coffee. Cup of lowfat yogurt. 1/4 cup cereal.

Morn Snack - The leftover end of yesterday's salad wrap.

Lunch - 1/2 sub from Subway - Sweet Onion Chicken Terriaki

Afternoon Snack - Caramel rice cakes. Realized I ate them out of boredom. (Not that I'm bored at work, mind you.)

Dinner - Sorry for the green photos. Went back to Pier W with Russ. The food is spectacular. Had a glass of wine, a wonderful chopped salad and at Russ' insistance, a 1/2 lobster roll that just about drove me wild. It was spectacular! I will definitely pay for all of this when I weigh in tomorrow but tonight, it's totally worth it.

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