Monday, December 8, 2008

Tucker Shaw Writes Back

Remember the inspiration for this little project, the book Everything I Ate by Tucker Shaw? (that handsome man on the left is Tucker)

I found Tucker and emailed him the following:


If you're the same Tucker Shaw who wrote "Everything I Ate", I owe you some thanks.

Exactly a week ago, I picked up your book. I love quirky little books and the cover grabbed me right away. Even before I bought the book, I was madly flipping through pages like some sort of voyeur; stealing peeks into your gastronomical adventures.

I thought, I should do the same thing. I should photograph what I eat so that I could determine why I am the size I am. I know that I'm a snacker. I know that when I'm bored, I grab a candy bar, or a pastry or anything to fill me up. I thought that if I posted the pictures of everything that I consume, I would be held accountable for my actions - especially if I posted them on a website.

Last Sunday evening, I told a friend who lives 2,000 miles away about it, and he loved the idea. That same day as purchasing your book, "Snap It, Fatty" was born ( I vowed to take pictures of everything that I ate and bet my buddy that we would lose 4lbs a month. In just the past week, I've lost 7 lbs simply by being more aware of what I eat.

So, thanks. You've put me on the road to awareness and hopefully to a healthier body.

Nick Vannello
Cleveland, OH

Today, I hear back from Tucker:

Well, sir, you've made my day. You know, my impetus for the project was different from yours, more anthropological than personal, but the outcome is the same: I never, ever eat without noticing anymore. And it goes beyond food, too. I don't just notice the cupcake, but I notice who gave it to me, and I notice their intentions, and I notice how it makes me feel, and I appreciate all of the above even more.

I'll be keeping tabs on Snap It, Fatty, and I have no doubt that it'll be a hit! Oprah's gonna love it.

Best to you, and good luck with your project. Keep me posted.


Pretty cool, huh? Just goes to show ya that you never know when you're going to inspire someone to do something wonderful.

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