Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec 22, 2008 - 1 lb and 2 parties to go.

I was a little surprised when the scale announced this morning that I dropped 2 more lbs. Down 15 lbs this month. It seems that if I binge a little and then go back to my regularly lo-cal, sensible eating regimen, I drop weight. I now have 1 lb to go to meet my 217 lb goal for the month. (That's a stupid personal goal - not the goal Brad & I set up.)

Two more evenings of temptation - Christmas Eve and Friday night at the Mexican restaurant with the boys. I think I've survived the worst of the temptations so far. The rest shouldn't be as difficult.

Breakfast - Coffee. Yogurt & 1/4 cup cereal.

Lunch - Arizona blueberry white tea. A bag of Deep River potato chips. 9/10th of my Nick Salad wrap (lettuce, ham, feta, bacon, cranberries.) Yes, I'm eating a little more than usual today.

Snack - mini-cookie

Dinner - Some fabulous lobster corn chowder and side salad from Sally's West Shore Pub in Avon. Homemade applesauce for dessert.

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