Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dec 30, 2008 - Ow.

The 2.2 pound gain in one day? Totally worth it. Had a good time with Brad & Chris & Dan & Bob. Between yesterday's over stuffed lunch, the donut and the pasta & bread, it's no wonder I'm retaining today. I'll fix that.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax Oil tab. DayQuil tabs (sinuses acting up) Yogurt & 1/4 cup of cereal. Piece toast w/a bit of La Vache Qui Rit.

Lunch - Sweet Potatoes. A few dehydrated strawberries.

Dinner - 1/2 leftover club sandwich. Salad. Couple pieces homemade nut roll (the best I've ever had).

Late Night - Bob, Zak, Dan & I hit a couple of coffee bars in town. Bob and I liked the first one. Zak liked the second one. We missed the coffee bar that had "Bluegrass Open Mic Night" - got there too late. Had a vanilla latte at the first bar. A cafe breve at the second one.

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