Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dec 16, 2008 - And back down we go...

I should market those cookies as meal replacements, I swear. That little cookie staved off my hunger last night and as a result, the weight is back to where it was. 223.4 lbs.

On a side note, I picked up a Rubbermaid Premier 12-pc. Set over the weekend. My old food storage stuff has been lent out over the years, or got lost, etc. This stuff is freakin' gorgeous. Crystal clear with tight fitting tops. Each piece nests, so it takes up very little space in the cabinet. I've taken a couple pieces to work so that when I go to lunch, I can put the leftovers directly in here. It's more eco-friendly than styrofoam.

Breakfast - 1 cup of coffee so far. And the daily oil tab. Then a 1/2 cup in the car. A cup of yogurt and 1/3 cup of cereal at work.

Lunch - the other 1/2 of the salad from yesterday's lunch (look how much was left!)

Snack - Caramel rice cakes (100 calorie pack)

Dinner - 1/2 a chicken/cranberry/pecan salad at Bob Evans. And a dinner roll (with a little honey). Not both rolls. Only one.

More importantly, what I DIDN'T eat: The bagels at work. The donuts in the break room. A Subway Sub that was offered me. Holiday candy and cookies at work. The Wildfire Chicken salad that I normally have when I go to Bob Evans. Popcorn/candy at the movies w/Mom. I avoided it all. It wasn't 100% easy, but it was easier than it would have been 2 weeks ago.

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b-rad S said...

I better get on the tread mill, your gonna pass me up any day now!

Keep up the good work!

Good times.