Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dec 21, 2008 - Three Weeks. 13 lbs

I'm not sure which discipline surprises me more, the discipline associated with eating less, or the discipline of snapping photos of everything consumed. Three weeks is a long time for either, but one habit feeds the other. I don't even think about eating something without photographing it first.

This constant reminder of my goal has made for a very successful three weeks. I'm sure that over the next 6 months, reaching that monthly goal will become more difficult. On the body fat side, I'm at 25%. Yes, 25% of my body weight (more than 52 lbs) is fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. This puts me in the "Overweight" category (duh). The good news is that 21% is considered in (borderline) healthy range. I will be there by next July.

Last night's party was an exercise in temperance. Small portions of food and 1 glass of wine did no harm. I nursed that wine glass like it was the last glass of wine on earth. No weight change from yesterday.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax oil. 3 eggs. 2 pieces toast & 2 bacon.

Lunch/Dinner - Bowl of salad w/cheese and vidalia onion dressing. My kick-butt applesauce recipe. A small cookie.

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b-rad S said...

Hey there!
Keep on keeping on.
I am feeling great myself!

Good times.