Monday, December 1, 2008

Dec 1, 2008

2 cups of coffee with Equal, a bit of half & half (foamed up) and a Flax Oil pill (I started those to be good to my heart about a week ago.)

Real breakfast is 15 grapes, a strawberry and a small banana. I also have water at my desk, but I won't be photographing water. You'd see a LOT of water if I did.

Lunch - Salad wrap (mixed greens, walnuts, dried canberries, feta cheese with hot honey mustard dressing in a grilled wrap) and an Arizona Blueberry White Tea.

Dinner - 1/2 can of black beans w/TB cheese, 2 mini-slices of ham & 1/2 slice of bread. Dessert? 1/2 of a yam - baked.


My weight is down from yesterday.232.6 lbs

It's 10:20am and I'm hungry. Was going to nuke a bowl of instant oatmeal, but gonna try to wait it out until 11:30am for lunch.


12:23pm. Back from lunch. I realized that I completely chowed down the first half of my salad wrap. From that point on, I became a lot more mindful of what I was eating, ate more slowly, and enjoyed the flavors.


Gregg Stickney said...

Hey Nick, just want to voice my support! As a yo-yo dieter finally trying to make the weight loss stick, I know how hard it can be. One small word of advice: don't weigh in everyday. It will make you crazy - and frankly not give you an accurate picture.

Nick said...

Thanks! I am just sick and tired of the constant gain. I'm going to weigh in daily for a bit for that inspiration, though. It plays into my manic nature. :)

b-rad S said...

I am with you Nick.
I weight in every day in the first few weeks, not looking for change, but to remind me that I have to keep on keeping on.

Good times.