Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dec 6, 2008 - Too Much Too Soon?

Yesterday I was just not hungry. The pics revealed that I ate only a cup of sweet potatoes and about 3/4 cup of black beans (with a little cheese). Woke up this morning and STILL not hungry. I'm assuming because it's winter and we normally hibernate, that must have something to do with it.

Here's a little known fact: Every morning when I wake up, I pinch my belly. The "Special K Pinch-An-Inch" pinch. (I guess that commercial went off the air since many of us can pinch WAY more than an inch. It first aired in 1979) This morning, that distance between my thumb and other fingers felt, well, less far apart. That's a great way to start a day. (Found the commercial on YouTube. Posted below. Look how thin that woman is by today's standards.)

So I jumped on the scale - 226.2 lbs! Yikes! I jumped on again. 226! WTF?! How does someone lose 4 lbs in a day?! One more time - 226.2 was the final answer.

I'm only supposed to lose 4 lbs in a month - not in one day! The good news is that I'm on-track to lose 1-lb a week. The bad new is, that according to my agreement with Brad, you don't get to carry-over extra lost weight one month to the next. So, if I lose 30lbs this month, I still have to lose 4 lbs the next month. So, I don't want to lose too much too fast. I know that the initial weight will drop off and that it'll get tougher after that, so I need to sort of pace myself.

However, it's been a year since I was under 227. I am certainly not going to complain.

Breakfast with Mom at 10am. I promise to eat something.

Breakfast - 2 Cups of Dunkin' Donuts® French Vanilla Coffee. Before I left the house, I was shaking the excess sugar off of the cookies I made yesterday. My snowflake cookie broke, so I ate JUST THE PIECE that broke off (where my finger it pointing.) It was delicious and I tore myself away from eating the whole thing.

Went to Perkins with Mom. My eggs came out runny. Ick. I scraped away the runny stuff and ate the remaining eggs, toast and sausage. Glass of OJ finished breakfast.

Dinner - Breakfast was late. Wasn't hungry til 6:30pm. Ate 5 slices of yams. They were sorta thick. I had 3 more in case I was still hungry -- but wasn't. Only ate what is pictured here.

Snack - 2 more corners of that cookie.


b-rad S said...

Way to go! Lets keep it up.
And yes that agreement is what will keep us honest...
...and I have NEVER had a first week this great in my life!

Nick said...

I got your call, but was with Mom.

I know! This is pretty amazing. I have not been hungry at all. It's definitely no special diet. It's just sensible portions and eating when I'm hungry. Go figure.