Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dec 18, 2008 - Never Surrender

Today is our "Holiday Feast" at work; everyone brings in food and from the moment you start your day until the moment you drag your carcass out the door, you are invited to binge and gorge. It's a perfectly lovely event that I'm going to try to temper with common sense. I'm bringing my own yogurt/cereal and staying away from the donuts and bagels. At lunch, I'm sure there will be a salad somewhere I can nibble on.

I'll pass on the cookies and bakery at all costs.

I have a bit of a personal goal - I would like to drop 5 more lbs before the end of the year. It's an awfully ambitious goal at this point, but 217 is a magic number. It's the weight I was at 4 years ago when I did "Miss Gulch Returns" - the second time. I had been at this job for 6 months when I repeated the show. By that time I had gained 20 lbs in the 6 months since I had done the show the first time (which ended right before I started my current job.) Yes, I started the show at 197, then up to 217 in 6 months. The costume had to be let out. I was mortified.

If I can drop that extra 5 in 2 weeks, I'd be thrilled. If not, I'll get to it next year.

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee. Flax Oil softgel tab. 1/4 cup cereal & cup lo-cal (80 calorie) yogurt.

Snack - 3 cubes of swiss cheese and 3 black berries at 10:30am.

Lunch - I probably overcompensated at lunch today by eating too little because I was surrounded by so much food. My issue was that despite working at a hospital, there wasn't a single salad, veggie tray, or piece of fruit to be found. None. Zero. Zilch. 50+ people participating and nothing that really qualified as health food. I took a few spoonfuls of Sally's yummy Captain's soup, a tablespoon of green bean salad and about 1/4 cup of my spiced apples. I tasted one green bean and didn't eat the rest.

Lunch Update - WOOHOO! I went out at 1:30pm to clean up my crockpot that I brought in, and there was a little bit of Caesar salad left in a bowl! WOOT! And a choco-dipped pretzel rod presented by a co-worker. Curse her. My powers were weakened.

Home Snack - 2 cookies. Granted small, but that's enough for today.

Dinner-ish - at 9pm I realized that I A) was a little hungry B) didn't have any veggies today. So I sliced up a bit of sweet potato, baked it and gnoshed it. Yummy.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, but dear Nick, you forget, I did happen to bring in fresh strawberries to the could have gently removed the semi-sweet chocolate and had one of those..or, eaten the chocolate on the strawberry...after all, semi-sweet does have less sugar and fewer calories then milk chocolate, AND it is proven that chocolate in small amounts is good for your heart!!!!! :) BTW, you look great!!! Keep up the good work!! Jan