Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8 - Crossroads

So, yesterday my other 1/2 tells me that he thinks I look great and shouldn't lose any more weight. I had planned on losing another 20. He says that I'll look "too thin." I think that he just doesn't remember the days when I was actually 45 lighter than I am right now.

Last night we saw "Milk". They nailed the costuming and body types. Men in the mid/late 70's were rail thin, with waist sizes somewhere around a 28-30. Funny how just 2 decades later, the Bear movement would take over and waist sizes for men would balloon to 36" and up.

Breakfast - 2 egg cheese/onion omelette. Toast. 1/2 of Mom's potato pancake.

Dinner - Mark & Brian supplied the cheeseburger. I brought the spinach salad.


b-rad S said...

Its OK to "hang out" for a couple of weeks or a month and let your body adjust to this new weight. This all should be about being a better you, and not a silly bet. Don't get me wrong, I am so glad we went out on this adventure together, however, its working, it got us off our butts and we did something, that is what matters. Try just "being" for a week and lets go from there, you don't have to quit anything, just be.

As far as "MILK" goes, there are so many other factors involved... one the 70s and 80's were also plauged with rampent and unhealthy drug use. Two as each generation passes body compostion has changed, Some of it yes is we have become a nation of fatties, but we also (as better nutrition and medicine have developed) become bigger people, and we are talking bone structure and muscle mass.

Three, while I agree with you there is a "bear" movement, I would argure that our society is still obsessed with being skinny, you don't see any bears walking the catwalk in the fashion shows, and EXPRESS MEN has nothing they could fit into!

I was looking at military uniforms this weekend, and the same "sizes" of clothing from WWI to WWII are not idenical, same goes with stuff from the 60s and then even today. Things have gotten bigger to mirror the soldiers that wore them (and a soldier in combat isn't normally a fatty)

I am rambling a lot, I know, bottom line. Be healthy. Yes you needed to lose weight, you did! Do you need to lose more, sure, but not TODAY. Let your body adjust to the new you, exersize and tone up what you have, and then work toward your next goal.

Also remember when you tone up, muscle mass weights MORE then fat, is it the number on the scale or the pant size your wearing that matters more?

Personally I am more excited about the pant size then what the scale tells me.


Nick said...

Wow. You were on meth when you wrote that, weren't you? :)