Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26 - Wish Me Well.

Tonight I'm subbing for a fitness class that I created 2 years ago, but gave to another instructor last August. At that point, I was tired of teaching, and tired of going to class overweight. Problem was, after each class, we'd go out eating, and because I had "worked out", I'd chow on fries, a full sandwich and a honkin' piece of cheesecake -- at 10:30pm. I say I "worked out" because I was actually just barking commands while everyone worked out.

The new instructor needed the night off and asked if I could cover for him, so it'll be the first time these guys have seen me at the new weight.

I'm still planning on just barking commands.

Update: Did quite well with the fitness class. Students were amazed at the weight loss, and I was able to sail through most of the class without dying.

Breakfast - Kibble/Coffee/Flax Oil Gel Tab

Snack - Rice Cakes

Lunch - Spinach Salad (There was a luncheon at work with some wonderful smellin' food, but I opted to just eat my salad. I really wanted cake, and walked by the room several times but each time I just walked by over and over....)

Snack - 4 pretzel rods.

Dinner - Forgot to eat 2 hours before class and didn't wanna hurl on the students, and didn't want to eat heavily after working out, so I just had an apple when I got home from class.

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