Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 1 - We Are Now at War

My birthday get-together was certainly good for my ego. People who haven't seen me in months were "amazed at the amount of weight" I've lost and some wondered if I "had a tapeworm." That kept me beaming until I got home tonight and loaded the pictures from my camera.

I apologize for the brown belt with the black outfit. It's the only belt that fits at this point. All of my other belts are too big. However, look at this body. No chest, sagging moobs, and a wide belly. (The skin tone looks good, however.)

For everyone who claims I've lost enough, I'm sorry - the answer is "not yet." Plus, April 1 marks my new dedication to pushups, situps and whatever else I need to do to transform myself.

As the billboard used to say, "more carrots, less carrot cake."

Snap It Fatty 2.0 is ON!

Lunch - 1 cup beans w/Parmesean cheese. The cheddar I was eating before had too many calories. This way, I get the 'zing' without the 'ding'.

Dinner - Didn't plan on going out to dinner, but this salad was the best choice on the menu. I shoulda skipped the pita.

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