Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPhone App - PushUp Fu

In the GTFO category, comes this nifty app. I was just contacted by one of the developers suggesting that I try it out. Like a previously mentioned Push Up application, GymFu also encourages you to do 100 push ups. The difference here is that it's motion-detector activated and can determine when you do a full push up vs. when you're faking it. It also looks like it challenges you to keep a steady pace.

I just downloaded it and will give an initial report later tonight.

UPDATE: HOLY SCARY CRAP! This app does what it says it does and then some. I strapped the iPhone to my arm, listened to the robotic voice to tell me to start my pushups, and it counted them off for me. It'll warn you if you don't do a full range of motion, and it will slow you down if you move too quickly. By giving a simple test, you'll be provided with a fitness routine that PushUp Fu will guide you through. When complete, and begging for more challenges, you can challenge others in your fitness level to a series of pushups. TOTALLY worth the $3.

If you have an iPhone, download it now and pray that the makers of PushUp Fu start creating more apps!

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Flea said...

I picked up PushUp Fu this week and it is, hands down (<--- see what I did there), the best app I have found in any category for anything. I just earned the "Sarge" voice and it is hilarious how motivating it is. No more cheating half-push ups!