Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11 - Everyone Knows It's Windy

I'm working from home today and it's plain ol' blustery outside. I have a presentation next week and asked my boss if I could work from home since I'm more productive here.

Last year when I was sure that I'd never be thin again, I sold all of my Utilikilts. I really only wore one of the 7 that I had, but I loved that thing. It became too painful of a reminder of how much weight I had gained trying to squeeze it on, so I eBay'd that kilt for way less than I paid for it.

I miss it, so I think I'm going to reward the 35 lb loss with a new kilt.

Breakfast - Coffee/Geltab combo.

Lunch - Cup of black beans w/cheese.

Snack - 3 rice cakes (caramel)

Dinner - Spinach salad.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Dear Abby for 3/'s all about men in 'skirts'.....I loved it...thought of you!!!