Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18 - Up and At 'Em.

Yesterday was the first time I've worn a shirt and tie without a sweater or jacket over the shirt and felt good about my silhouette. My pants are too big, but I really don't want to buy new pants until I settle on where I want my final weight to be. Still, cinched by a belt that I had to add an extra notch in (I'm not buying new belts until I decide, either), I felt comfortable and OK.

I have an event that I'm going to in May in New York. I'll have to buy a new suit for that event. I'm looking forward to having a fitting and feeling good in that new suit.

I was pretty certain that last night's pizza and bread would have retained a few pounds, but delightfully, not so.

Lunch - 1 cup of black beans with cheese

Dinner - 1/2 of the chicken salad wrap shown. No chips.

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Anonymous said...

You looked wonderful yesterday Nick...very handsome!