Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24 - New Avon

I am a staunch advocate of skin care. Not just your face, but the whole body. Bob's dermatologist recently scolded him because he doesn't moisturize. I mean, honestly, in this day and age, is there a reason not to?

I'm trying out some new Avon stuff that arrived yesterday. My L'oreal stuff was pretty darn good, but I'm hoping that Avon will step up to the plate and deliver. Truth is, I could probably sell Avon for as much as I talk it up.

If you kids aren't moisturizing because of the cost, something is better than nothing. Oil of Olay's basic formula is great. Hell, my grandmother used to put Crisco on her face before bedtime and she had great skin. Today I'm starting to use Avon Anew Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum,Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift, and Avon's Lift and Tuck Professional Body Shaper.

I'll give ya my opinions after a few days.

Breakfast - Fiber One Cereal. Flax Oil Gel Tab

Lunch - Spinach Salad.

Dinner - Broiled Fish, broccoli & rice. Yes, it was as tasteless as it looks. Took mom to Mavis Winkle's for dinner and opted for something 'healthy'. My spinach salads and black beans have so much more flavor than this expensive mess.

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Anonymous said...

ok, that has to be the most bland looking meal I have ever seen. The least they could have done was put it on a colored or patterned plate. White paint would have looked more appetizing.