Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 28 - Why SnapItFatty was born...

Today was a classic example of why Snap It, Fatty had to be born. It was a slop fest from noon til night and now (6:30am on Sunday), I'm still belly full. And before Snap It, Fatty, I wouldn't have been able to tell you why I was so porked-out today.

Bob was bemoaning the lack of any real bakeries left in Cleveland and how most ended up going out of business with the Sam's Clubs, KMarts, and grocery stores. I suggested we head to Mazzone & Son's on Clark. Once there, we were enticed by the giant slices of pizza and each ordered one to go. While there, I also got a piece of cheesecake for the ride home. The cheesecake was spectacular and even though I cut the pizza in half, after I ate the first 1/2 (which was equivalent to 2 slices anyway), I devoured the 2nd half of the pizza.

Dinner rolled around and we joined a bunch of friends to celebrate a birthday at #1 Pho. Bob ordered some pork spring rolls - I at 1/2 of one. Dinner was a Sweet and Sour Tofu which was so spectacular that it found its way into my belly. All of it.

After dinner, back to the birthday boy's place for a chocolate chip cookie and a 1/3 slice of ice-cream cake. Yes, that piece shown is what was considered a "tiny" piece.

Interesting to note about dinner and afterward: How much of the conversation was about food. Food we love, food we ate. Food we're growing, food we plan to eat soon. Food we'll travel for, food our parents made. Food, food, food, food, food.

Food was a safe topic. No politics. Very little talk about religion. Very few popular references. Nothing philosophical. Nothing about books. Certainly nothing about exercise. A little bit about the health ailments. Just food, food, food.

Breakfast - coffee, flax oil geltab

Lunch - cheesecake (hey, gotta eat that 1st, right?). 2 HUGE ASS SLICES of pizza. (urp!)

Dinner - Pork spring roll. Sweet and sour tofu.

Party Food - Cookie. (Bob has an eye for chocolate chip cookies). "Tiny" piece of ice cream cake.

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