Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14 - Off to Ashtabula

Spending the afternoon in Ashtabula for funeral service for a dear friend's father. On a cheerier note, there will be dinner afterward at the El Grande Steak House (yes, the place Pat Cooper recommends.) My tastebuds are already set on the broiled scrod. Hold the pot of butter.

Breakfast - made myself 3 popovers with butter and powdered sugar. YES!

Late Lunch/Dinner at the El Grande - piece of garlic toast. 1/2 of the salad shown. 1 piece of the fried fish (I opted for fried instead of the broiled. Sue me), about 1/2 of the fries. Creampuff from Zak's Aunt Mary. It's now 10:15pm. We ate 5 hours ago and I'm still plenty full.

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