Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2 - Thinner than my Driver's License

Second day holding below 200, which means that I am now officially thinner than my driver's license weight! WOOT! Hell, when I had that photo taken I think I was already pushing 210.

I'm feeling a little bloated today. Bleh.

Breakfast - coffee/geltab combo. 1/2 cup of kibble

Lunch - Spinach Salad. Then I was tempted with a bagel with reduced fat maple/walnut cream cheese. I decided to have half a bagel, but it was so good I went back for the other half.

Dinner - Went to Cheesecake Factory with Mom. Had a half bowl of this lentil soup, and 3 of these appetizers: a date stuffed with pecorino cheese wrapped in bacon. Now, the date is sweet, the cheese gets soft when warmed and the bacon is salty. When you bite into it, the flavors combine for a brief moment and a flavor of chocolate/caramel take over. It's very interesting.

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