Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3 - Get On The Scale Daily

26.1 lbs lost.

I got advice early on in this quest "not to step on the scale every day." For me, that wouldn't have worked. You need a way to measure success in any project, and when trying to lose weight, the scale is the way to measure your progress.

Yes, I know that scales can lie. Yes, I know that we retain water and waste that sometimes throw the scales off. But does that mean you shouldn't measure progress? I get on that scale as soon as I drag myself out of bed, confront my naked body in a full length mirror that faces the scale, get on and evaluate the numbers.

Whatever you're trying to accomplish, figure out how you're going to measure your progress. Don't get too discouraged when you're not progressing in the way you had hoped, just keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

Breakfast - 1 coffee. Flax Oil Gel Tab.

Lunch - 1/2 of the muffaletta sandwich shown. A banana. (the sandwich rocked! I'm glad I didn't eat the other 1/2. I would have been stuffed.)

Dinner - went to a restaurant after a funeral service. Had a bite of the salad (too much dressing for my taste.) I did eat that piece of garlic bread on the left side.) Both pieces of grilled fish. And a nummy creampuff.

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