Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14 - Valentine's Day

Keep the chocolates away, please. I'm still rolling from last night's dinner. The scale says I packed on more than 3 lbs in a single day. I can feel it. I feel like Octo-Mom.

Tonight we are going to Zak & Dan's to celebrate Dan's birthday. First going to the Loco Leprechaun, a Mexican-Irish place (????) and then back to their place for a chocolate fest.

Follow Up - Yesterday was a fatty-fat day. Oh, well. :)

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee.

Lunch - Spinach Salad.

Snack - 1/2 of this Green & Black's Organic Toffee Milk Chocolate bar

Dinner/Party - 4 pieces of shrimp. A piece of bacon dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts. (As nasty as it sounds). Blue Cheese/Bacon Potato chips. A little Chicken Paprikash. Not shown: piece of pumpkin birthday cake.

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b-rad S said...

Ebb and flow, your still doing great, and this is not the end of the world!!!!