Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28 - Must. Stop. Spending.

Just like the over-indulgence with food this past weekend, I've been the same with spending. Chicago gave me an opportunity to buy a rolling camera bag at a great price. Did I really need one? No. I also bought a rolling garment bag. Again - did I really need it? No. Both pieces will make next week's excursion to NY so much easier.

I've also picked up new Avon (got to keep the skin looking good), memory cards for the camera, sync cables for the iPhone, and a host of other little bitty things.

Now that I'm back to cutting calories, maybe it's time to close the wallet as well.

Breakfast - Coffee. Flax Oil. Whatever.

NOM - Coconut Hershey's Kiss. Stupid Delicious. Keep the bag from me. (I only at 1)

Lunch - BLEH! Sweet and Sour Chicken Nugget Hell from "The Chinese Restaurant That Shall Not Be Named".

Dinner - about 1/4 of this delicious meatloaf from The Little Polish Diner in Parma, OH. Fab. 1 dinner roll.

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