Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12 - The Last Breakfast

Today I will be taking Mom, Bob, my brother and his family to brunch at Pickwick & Frolic for their Easter Brunch. We went last year and it was delightful.

However, I woke up this morn with the most atrocious stomach cramps. I wondered if it was a kidney stone like I had several years ago, but I didn't have the urgency to pee. It could just be all of the junk from the past 2 days backing up in my body. (How pleasant, I know.) It's been an hour, and the pain as passed.


First Stop: Pickwick & Frolic for Easter Brunch. Omelet with Havarti cheese, onion and peppers. A piece of sausage and a piece of ham. Round 2: A little piece of Waffle, some pasta/cheese mess, a little bread pudding, and a piece of beef that was too rare even for my tastes (so I didn't eat it.)

This was all of the stuff I ate at Bob's sister's place later in the afternoon: M&M's (Thanks, Easter Bunny! BOK! BOK!), peanuts, some cheese, Ritz crackers with crab dip, sweet potatoes with walnuts, cranberry bread, jello jigglers and a piece of date nut birthday cake.

I surrender.

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