Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13 - The Importance of Weighing In Every Day

I've gained a little over 4 lbs over the weekend. I expected it: fish fries, restaurant eating and holiday food fests will definitely pack on the weight.

I don't care.

I expected it. I planned for it. Today, I will begin damage control.

The morning weigh-in is part of my habit. It's not necessarily something I look forward to, but it helps me gauge my work -- am I on track? loosing too quickly? gaining too rapidly? Without the scale, I don't have a tool to gauge my work. When you build a wall, you have to frequently use a level to make sure that your work is on track. Why would anyone shy away from a scale?

I was not looking forward to this morning's climb onto the scale. I was hoping that I could minimize yesterday's impact and stay at 190.8 or below. Happy day - I was at 189.6. The scale told me - I have a guideline for the day - back to work.

Breakfast - Fiber One. Coffee. Flax Oil Gel Tab

Lunch - Spinach Salad.

Dinner - Black bean and cheese quesadilla.

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