Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10 - Classic

In what's become a classic strategy for my body, after I overeat for a day, my body's metabolism kicks in high gear and sheds weight. I guess I needed those 15 Mary Janes and the trough of tomato/onion sauce for my body to work overtime.

The scale this morn says I lost 2.8 lbs since yesterday. Now, you and I know that's a lie. You can't just drop 3 lbs overnight. Either the scale is off, or I lost a bunch of water weight, or there's an old Indian man who placed the "Thinner" curse on me.

Breakfast - Bagel/creamcheese & Fiber One Cereal.

Lunch - Black bean and cheese quesadilla

Dinner - Fish Fry and dinner biscuit. Yes, I ate the whole thing. Big mistake.

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