Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25 - In the Windy City

It's 8am and the sun is trying to peek out. There's rain forecasted, but I have a day of shopping in front of me. No scale in the bathroom, so I'll have to trust my intuition with food. Just because I'm out of town for the weekend doesn't give me permission to lose control.

Hotel coffee isn't the best. I'm going to hit the shower and then hit the streets.

Breakfast - Starbucks coffee (not a fave). Bagel. I don't know why Starbucks can't buy a GD $15 toaster and toast their bagels. They can make coffees that require a PhD, but when it comes to slicing a bagel and shoving it in a toaster, it stymies them.

Lunch - Slow roasted brisket sandwich. A few of the homemade chips. Ate a place called "Encore" next to the theater where Mary Poppins was playing. The cookie came with the check.

Dinner - who could eat after all of that? I had a banana.

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