Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4 - A Note From Tucker Shaw

Tucker Shaw is the man who inspired me to start Snap It, Fatty. His book, "Everything I Ate", is a photojournal of what Tucker consumed over a 1 year period. I took his idea an modified it into a way to lose weight.

The last time I wrote to Mr. Shaw, I had just started Snap It, Fatty, and I had shed my first 7 lbs. Tucker congratulated me on the journey in this email, but I had no idea he was following the blog.

I received this yesterday:

Hey Nick,

I just peeked at Snapitfatty and wanted to say congratulations. Fifty pounds! You are amazing! You are what, six months in now? Bravo, truly. What an inspiration. Way to go, brother. Makes me want to pick my camera back up and get rid of the ten pounds that settled onto my gut over the winter.

You know, I think one mark of genius is the ability to give real-life meaning to an abstract idea, and you've done that, emphatically. That makes you a genius. Congratulations.

Best to you, and I'll still be watching,


Now, if that doesn't give me the incentive to shed these last 2 lbs to get to my 50lb goal...

Breakfast - Jan was hosting an APL food orgy. For a buck you could purchase all sorts of tasty sweets, but bless Jan - knowing that I was watching what I put in my gob, filled bags with fruit, veggies, cheeses and other healthy treats. I dropped $4 and ate heartily. (Uh, Jan - you could make this a monthly event/business. I'd gladly support your efforts!)

Lunch - Spinach Salad

Snack - 2 truffles that Bob had left over from Christmas. Meh, not a fan.

Dinner - Pier W for 1/2 of this Antipasto pizza and then the 3 sliders. MOO!

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