Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6 - A big day.

Yes, I am having a "big" day from all of the food I ate yesterday, but today is a big day because in about 2 hours, I'm flying to New York to be with my friend, Russell Trusso, whose jewelry is debuting at Bergdorf Goodman. I took the photos for this collection and I'm so thrilled to be documenting the day for him. Tonight's dinner is at the Four Seasons and I plan on eating well. Unfortunately, I don't think that I'm going to have much time to snack during the day.

I have been packing clothes and camera equipment for days. I can't fathom that today is the day.

Wish me well! I fly back tomorrow.

Update: With my "big day" came "big eating" although I was restrained compared to my abilities to pack it away.

Breakfast - a cheese and onion omelet, 2 slices of toast (didn't eat the hashbrowns) from a diner in Midtown.

Lunch - a delightful buffet at the Sherry-Netherland private club. On my plate: 2 duck pierogi, some celery slaw, carrot souffle. There was TONS more food, but I was being dainty. Dessert: 2 strawberries and a shortbread cookie

Dinner - at the Four Seasons Restaurant. There's a reason this place is a classic. The food was spectacular. Appetizer: Prosciutto and white asparagus. Entree: Crispy Duck. (ate about 1/2 of it.) Dessert: Choco-banana mousse.

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