Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2 - A Full Day Ahead

Mowing the lawn. Making a Sugar Skull to give to a local shop owner to celebrate an open house. Going to the scooter shop to visit their open house. Pick Up Dry Cleaning. Seeing a show at 5pm. Going to an art gallery show after that. Possibly going to a burlesque show after that. And if I have time, figure out how to use the bracketing feature on my camera and learn HDR processing in Photoshop Elements.

Stay busy, fatties!

Breakfast - Coffee. Flax Oil Gel Tab.

Snack - PEEPS! I didn't have any this Easter, and I found these on Clearance. Sweet Marshmallowy love.

Lunch - Leftover veal paprikash. Is there anything that the convection oven doesn't make taste better?

Dinner - Spinach Salad

Late Snack - 2 slices dehydrated pears.

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