Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18 - It isn't Fair

I thought for sure I'd drop just a little weight yesterday. I was less than a lb away from hitting my next milestone. Oh, well.

So, in my typical, "Screw it. If I can't lose it, I'll gain some" mentality, I ate like the metaphorical horse today.

Breakfast - Jan brought in an amazing spread for breakfast and invited me to partake. Thank you! It was delicious. (I should have skipped the second helping of cheese and crackers.)

Lunch - About 1/2 of the Honey-Garlic chicken platter. It was good, but it's just laying with me.

Snack - Found a few more damn Mary Janes left over from my birthday.

Dinner - Even though I wasn't really hungry, I opened a can of black beans mom got me from Aldi. At 59 cents a can, that's almost half of what I pay at Giant Eagle. Guess what? No big taste difference.

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Kat said...

I'm confused- why would you think you can lose weight after a weekend of waffles and pizza? Am I missing something?