Sunday, May 3, 2009

Five months ago, I started Snap It, Fatty in an attempt to reel in my blossoming figure. In the past 150 days, I've lost nearly 50 lbs and have become much more healthy in the process. As a result, I thought it was time to update the profile picture.

Compare this to this color photo from November 2008. As my friend, Jan, pointed out - even my fingers were fat.

This mid-life crisis thing can be a powerful motivator if played correctly. Yes, I'm spending more money on clothes, scooters and all of those other toys. I'm taking up new hobbies with a renewed interest in learning. (I actually hope that this phase of "the crisis" never goes away. ) But this time in my life has also given me a new appreciation for a sense of self and the world around me.

Gotta enjoy it while its still here.

Breakfast - I FORGOT MY PHONE! First time in 5 months I left the house without it. I felt naked. Figuratively, that is. Anyway, went to Denny's with Mom and got the new Grand Slamwich.

Never again. Here's what I found out about it online: Total calories: 1,320. Fat grams: 89. Dietary fiber: 4 grams. Carbs: 72 grams.

And that doesn't count the hashbrowns that came with it. That's it. Game over. I'm done for the day.

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