Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10 - Mother's Day

Mom wanted to check out appliances at Lowe's today. Her refrigerator is making ugly sounds; we think the compressor is shot. I figured I'd check out new ovens since mine is 50 years old (yes, really).

Why is it that the ovens I like are over $2,000? Do I really cook that much anymore to justify that cost?

Breakfast - At Johnny Mangos. Breakfast quesadilla with beans, scrambled eggs. I asked for only a small portions of potatoes and didn't eat the bread.

Lunch - Leftover pizza.

Dinner - None. However, as the night went on, there was a howling from the freezer from the ice cream bon bons that have been there since January. I had to eat them (and then eat some more) in order to silence them. The yellow stuff in the mixer is sugar, and the molded sugar skulls are in the final pic.

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