Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15 - I'm "Normal"

It took losing two more pounds to get to today's weight (184.2) to get my BMI to the "normal" range. According to the BMI charts, I am no longer "overweight" - I'm on the heavy side of normal.

I saw a nurse co-worker on Tuesday who hasn't seen me in months and she was a little alarmed by the weight loss. I told her the loss was intentional and that I had a few lbs to go. "No. Too much. You can't go by the BMI charts. You need to put on a few."

First of all, it's my body. I'll do with it what I choose. Secondly, if we need to re-examine what a healthy BMI is, then let's do it. Lastly, this is Ohio. We're used to seeing everyone on the plump side.

Breakfast - I was ravenous today. And since I was down to a new low weight, I let myself go crazy. 2 bagels (one with cream cheese) and a caramel latte from Panera.

More Breakfast - brought in for a meeting - 2 cups of fresh fruit w/2 yogurts. 2 pieces of dark chocolate.

Dinner - Spinach salad.

Evening - Apricot Russian Tea Cake from Truffles, with a very tired Jefferson in the background.

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Smoketheblowfish said...

Nick, this is my first read of your blog so I gotta go back and catch up but....

I love the BMI (sarcastic sneer). It's a great way for someone to be both in great shape and a health risk at the same time. I'm 6'2" and weigh 210 (if I did everything right this week) and my bodyfat is around 13%. Yep, the BMI needs to be scrapped big time.

later, MikeZ