Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 22 - A Day Behind

I'm writing Friday's post on Saturday. I've been doing "spring-y" know, like catching up on laundry that's been piling up from 3 days of being sick and going to wakes and funerals. That sort of cheery stuff.

I'll post pics and log in the food later on today after the funeral. Because that's what I want to do on Memorial Day weekend -- go to a funeral.

I am putting in my will that will I go, I want to be cremated immediately - no viewing. Then, on a nice Fall day, everyone can get together and drink cider around a campfire, roast marshmallows, tell stories, etc. Then plant a tree in my memory, shove the ashes in the hole, and move on

Lunch - Mom and I split sandwiches at Panera. 2 different chicken sandwiches, we traded a half a sandwich so we could try them both. I ate the whole thing.

Snack - When Bob came in, we headed to Honey Hut and I had my first Butter Pecan of the season. THIS is a single scoop. (And this is why we're fat.)

Dinner - Leftovers from Stir Crazy the night before

Snack - a chocolate chunk cookie from Truffles.

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