Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1 - Hacked the Wrong Way

Readers of this blog will recognize that on the last day of each month I tend to eat a little more. It's a little game that I play that raises my weight a bit for the first of the month, making my goal of losing 4lbs in a month a little easier. Call it what you will - a reward day, a hack day, a cheat day.

Yesterday was the last day of April and I didn't play the usual game. I only had a couple of salads the entire day; I just wasn't that hungry. This resulted in a 2 lb weight loss, meaning that this month I start at 185 lbs instead of 187, 188 or 189.

That means that by the month's end, I should lose 4 lbs which will then make me hit my "50 lbs lost" mark.


Breakfast - Came back from the dentist around 11:30am ravenous. Since I was still numb, I needed something filling and flavorful. So I made popovers. I intended to only eat 3, but the butter and powdered sugar were so tempting, I ate all 6.

Dinner - went to a Hungarian restaurant with Mark & Brian. I think I surprised them when I ate as much as they did. Bread with an amazing feta & onion dip. About 3/4 of the veal paprikash shown. A piece of chocolate torte.

Post-Dinner - What better to have after dessert than more dessert? Stopped at Truffles with the boys. Had some coffee and then ate the last bit of a Russian Tea Cake that Mark ordered.

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