Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29 - Smaller Body. Smaller Car.

I've leased a Malibu for the past 4 years. Nice car. Nice ride. Heated seats. Mom likes it.

However, the lease is almost up and I have to look for another car. Four years ago when I was looking I test drove a MINI Cooper. LOVED the way it handled and loved the way it flew. I was wary about the lack of physical space inside the car since I'm notorious for hauling around a lot of crap with me. In the end, I leased the Malibu.

I'm back to looking at the MINI. I think I'll take Mom for a test drive soon to see if it's too small for the two of us. It has heated seats which she'll love. And I'm thinking that if I have a smaller car, I'll be forced to haul around less stuff. (Yeah, right.)

Breakfast - Lunch - 2 bagels. w/cream cheese. Moo.

Dinner - Went to dinner with Michael, Mark & Brian. Bread. Plus Garlic bread. Penne pasta stuffed with ricotta in a alfredo sauce. (My heart started fluttering after eating the whole thing.)

Dessert - the four of us split this piece of vanilla walnut cake. It was OK, but not spectacular. So, we had to go get custard at East Coast. I had a small pecan somethingorother cone.

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Anonymous said...

No you won't, you'll just learn to creatively pack all the crap into the smaller me. Jan