Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10 - Changes. Changes.

Everything has been moving quickly recently. I paid for my new car today -- the first car I've ever owned. (My current car is leased.) I'm seeing lots of wonderful trips in this little baby, and I *promise* to try to keep the car clean.

I also recently became an Independent Avon Rep because I love their products. Unfortunately, there's been a glitch in getting me under the right upline (I had a manager I want to work with), but its taking several days to iron out. Hopefully by the end of today, that'll all be straightened out.

Lunch - had a minute at home, so boiled some pasta, put it in a bowl and ate it with a toothpick on the way to work. THAT slowed me down. :)

Snack - Suzetta's birthday -- had to have cake!

Dinner - That cake did me in. Had an apple and some coffee at 9:35pm


Jenks said...

I'm so addicted to Avon.

Nick said...

I'll keep you posted -- I'm having a few issues with the office getting them to change my manager to the person who originally recruited me. I hate playing hardball, but I want this person to receive the benefits of his time/energy recruiting me. If they can't straighten this out, I will need to terminate our contract.

I feel, however, they will do the right thing. I love their products.