Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6 - Shoutout and Picnic

Here's a shoutout to "I'm Getting Fit" who spotlighted Snap It, Fatty on her blog yesterday. She's an adorable young woman who is going through what we all all. Keep rockin' out, Jenks! You're beautiful...

So, yesterday was one of those days when you have to confront the beast. In the summertime, that means "a picnic." My friends, Mark & Brian, host not so much a picnic as a food orgy.

There were so many people there whom I haven't seen since last October/November -- when I was clearly at my "fluffiest." The looks on their faces ranged from "WOW! YOU LOOK GREAT! WHAT HAPPENED?" to, "OMG! HE MUST HAVE THE CANCER!". I let them all know that the weight loss was intentional and I must have spewed the "Snap It, Fatty" story about a dozen times.

NOTE ABOUT TODAY'S ARTWORK: I Googled "Picnic" thinking I'd find a picnic basket. I found Manet's "The Picnic". Along with it, some creative folks who did their own take on the classic work.

I brought chicken salad. I usually make it from scratch, but I cheated this year. Sam's Club Chicken salad is a little more "goopy" than I normally prefer, but two tubs of that, some chunks of apple and little croissants and I was ready for the picnic.

Breakfast - a little cup of the chicken salad. (Hey, I had to try it, no?)

Lunch - Right before the picnic I had 2 little chicken salad sandwiches so I would gorge myself at the picnic. That strategy didn't exactly work.

Picnic - Hamburger, slaw, mac salad, couple chips.

Dessert - a few grapes. Mini eclair. Cookie. Slice cheesecake.

That was it. I was stuffed for the day. Around 11pm I was hungry again, but decided to not eat and went to bed an hour later.

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Jenks said...

Thanks for the shoutout. The Mike's hard lemonaid looks very yummy. Love the reactions ppl had. Glad you had a great time...every now and then you just gotta let go, if not eventually you'll just throw the towel in all together. Keep up the awesome work!