Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17 - What a Day

Started off teaching downtown. Stopped home to grab a quick bite and got a call from Mom who needed to be rushed to the ER. She's fine, but a bit of a scare. Then zipped to see Russ, Jeff and Zak -- all in separate locations. By day's end, I was pooped.

I came home, eager to download the new iPhone OS, which then crashed my phone. I was up til 1am trying to get it operational again. It's now 7:20am on 6-18 and it's almost 1/2 way done.

Breakfast - stopped by Einstein Bagels for a PowerBagel with peanut butter. Yum

Snack - 10 dried apricots

Lunch - None. I spent the afternoon in the ER with mom.

Dinner - After mom was left in the CDU, I went to dinner with Russ at a new place, Boca. Wonderful food. The bread comes with 3 types of spread - a tomato, a black bean and an herbed butter. 3 lamb and kalamata olive empanadas and a rock shrimp, corn and veggie "pan" (pizza). I ate too much, but wonderful.

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