Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4 - I'm a Soul Man

My lease on my Malibu is up soon and I'm in need of a car. The MINI Cooper is just going to be too small; despite my love of the Cooper, it's just not practical for me, Mom and the stuff I tote around.

Zak and Dan were looking at the Kia Soul, which piqued my curiosity. After doing a LOT of online research and being impressed by crash ratings, gas mileage, user reviews and the warranty, I decided to go test drive one with Mom. You know what? Not bad!

It's certainly not a luxury ride, but the ample head and leg room were great for us. The standard features include everything that I want except for heated seats (which can be added for $400 after market.)

I am having the dealer bring one up to Cleveland in the Alien Green color. If I like the color, I'm sold.

Breakfast/Lunch - 5 popovers.

Dinner - Spinach Salad. 1 cup tortellini with some sprinkled Parmesan.

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